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The Journey - a triptych

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"The Journey I, II, and III" - all paintings
66" round, oil on canvas over wood.

Journey_I.jpg (337582 bytes) Journey_II.jpg (346241 bytes) Journey_III.jpg (318354 bytes)

The Journey - a Triptych

The Journey is a single concept in three parts. This is a literal interpretation of some of the many Sojourns we each take through life.

Part I depicts the scramble for survival, the yearning for power at the cities' edge and the game which that can become.

Part II depicts civilization founded in the wealth contained in the history of man. Here a conglomerate history of our heritage is contrasted with the separateness of the future embodied in youth.

Part III is the ethereal exit from routine, a search for answers to the ever elusive and personal in our lives. As we pass through the soft mirrors of our thoughts we are seen to grow to become the only true holders of ourselves.

In the world behind the image it is possible to discover the reflections that we see for what they are - the tomorrow's of our lives.



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