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The Deck

The cards in this deck are a blend of experience, research, creativity and study of the human condition. This work is imperfect in many ways, just as our lives are always a bit incomplete, our dreams a touch unfinished. The images depict moments that all of us pass through on our particular journeys toward whatever we are seeking. 

What can be found here can at times be pivotal for anyone who cares enough to risk knowing more about themselves and the continuing mysteries of life.

The cards are double-ended to illustrate the potential contingencies which each pair speaks to on a single card. The deck can shape the questions we encounter, but the answers are yours alone to ponder.

The cards are color-coded. The components of the deck, Crossroads (The Majors), Milestones (the Minors) are linked to the elements Fire (green), Water (purple), Earth (red), and Air (blue). The fifth dimension is Life (orange).

These cards were designed to be re-arrangeable pages from the book of life and death and everything in-between. It took almost two decades to arrive at this the 9th and final form of Kirwan Cards, some of which are shown here, all of which are listed here. Creating this deck was a unique experience and an education in so many ways - but its real value will be determined by how you choose to use these cards.


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